Bakkie Canopies

Bakkie Canopies

Everyone knows canopies to be a form of an overhead structure with the core purpose of providing shelter and/or shade. However, the meaning/classification of bakkie canopies are not that well known to the global population, especially due to the fact that each country makes use of their very own unique terms as well as definitions. As South Africans this is particularly relevant.

A very interesting fact is that the term ‘bakkie’ is only used in South Africa. This refers to a pickup truck, pick-up or Ute in many other countries. Most open-top light motor vehicles and/or vehicles with rear cargo areas all seem to be referred to and classified as pick-ups in many countries or bakkies in South Africa.

The term canopy is not a term used globally. It is referred to as a box cap, a topper or a camper shell in other countries. Any tiny housing / firm canopy that is made from materials such as aluminium, fibreglass or wood that is mounted on a bakkie’s rear cargo area/bed is referred to as a canopy. Canopies are usually fitted onto bakkies/pick-ups to cover their entire rear bed areas. These are usually spacious enough for the use of camping. However, the most common use for bakkie canopies is that of storage purposes.

One would easily assume that bakkies are purchased mainly to be used as workhorses, but in actual fact the popularity of bakkies seem to have increased immensely to be utilised as family vehicles instead of the original intended purpose. The ever increasing popularity of bakkies with fitted canopies is not surprising in the least especially when one considers the vast variety of benefits and uses it offers such as the increased ample loading space facilities, the added flexibility as well as increased security. Even the style, shape and colours of canopies have become far more fashionable to suit a vast variety of requirements; even ventilation needs are met with a variety of windows to choose from such as fixed, sliding and even pop-out windows.

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